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       CRM ( Customer Relationship Management )

       a.     Making Sales forecast of Company

       b.     Generation of Lead i.e. Enquiry

       c.     Conversion to Potentials

       d.     Raising Quotation to customer

       e.     Generating Sales Order based on Customer Purchase Order.

       f.     Complete contacts database.

       g.     Getting Pending Quotation reports.

       h.     Pending Sales Order Reports.

       i.     Lead Conversion reports.

       j.     Delivery Order

       k.     ETC.

       Material Requirement Planning

       a.     Raising Work Order

       b.     Generation of Bill of materials

       c.     Materials Planning

       d.     Capacity Planning

       e.     Generation Indent

       f.     Generating Purchase Order Based on Indent

       Production Scheduling

       a.     Production Scheduling

       b.     Machine Wise Process Allotment

       c.     Shift Wise Process Allotment

       d.     Etc.

       Shop Floor Control

       a.     Accepting Material from Supplier Against Purchase Order

       b.     Stock Valuation

       c.     Raising Production Requirement Slip Against Work Order

       d.     Issue of Materials For Manufacturing Against Requisition

       e.     Production Slip for Each Process


       a.     Jobwork Requisition

       b.     Jobwork Purchase Order

       c.     Return of Material After Process

       d.     Quality Inspection of Processed Materials

       e.     Valuation of processed Jobwork Material


       a.     Generating Challan

       b.     Generating Excise Getpass

       c.     Generation of Labour Bill


       a.     Cenvat Credit Entry

       b.     Service Tax Entry

       c.     CT-1/2/3 Bond Received

       d.     Generation of ARE-1/3

       e.     Proof of Export

       f.     TR-6 (GAR 7)

       g.     JV

       h.     Duty Priority

       i.     Duty Debit

       QC ( Quality Control )

       a.     Quality Inspection of Received Material

       b.     Quality Inspection of Processed Products

       c.     COA(Certificate of Analysis)

       a.     Indent Register

              i.     Item Wise Register
              ii.    Periodical Register
              iii.   Pending Indent Register

       b.     Purchase Order Register

              i.     Item Wise Purchase Order Register
              ii.    Party Wise Purchase Register
              iii.   Project Wise Purchase Order Register
              iv.    Pending Purchase Order Register

       c.     GRN Register

              i.    Item Wise Register
              ii.   Party Wise Register
              iii.  Purchase Order Wise Register

       d.     Issue Register

              i.    Item Wise Register
              ii.   Department Wise Register
              iii.  Project Wise Register

       e.     QC Reports

              i.    GRN Completion Reports
              ii.   Pending GRN Reports

       f.     Jobwork Reports

              i.    Jobworker Wise Report
              ii.   Item Wise
              iii.  Periodical Register
              iv.  Pending Jobwork Register

       g.    Material Stock Register

              i.    Material Stock As on With Value
              ii.   Material Stock As on Without Value
              iii.  Category Wise Stock
              iv.  Stock Summary
              v.   Bin Card
              vi.  GRN Wise Stock

       h.    Work Order Register

              i.    Batch Wise Consumption Register
              ii.   Work Order Status Register
              iii.  Batch Wise Costing Reports

       i.    All Possible Excise, COA & MIS Reports