Become a Busness Partner

priti softwares business partners

We are Professional Software development company with over 2 years of consistent performance.We have developed world class Software addressing huge market. We have managed to grab the top of the mind brand recall for Software brand with monopoly.

Market for Our Software product huge and requires tremendous marketing manpower, Intensified marketing efforts require multiple professional Dealers to share the responsibility and get the reward against that. Sharing responsibility means one has to explore the prospective clients and approach them.

We invite all the enterprising software and hardware dealers to join the marketing band and share the rewards. Rewards will be having limits only in terms of sky.

Why you should become PS-Excise Software?

  1. Enjoy the easy selling of Our Software and access to huge market.
  2. Value for your efforts with huge margins.
  3. Renewal income in case your existing clients opts for another software products.
  4. Value for money software package with guaranteed satisfaction for your clients.

Benefits of Becoming Our Software

  1. Get professional training on Our Software.
  2. Access to PRITI Softwares expertise on Softwares domain and support.
  3. Access to PRITI Softwares website for knowledge updating and sharing information.
  4. Regular and huge margin.
  5. Be part of regular training program.
  6. Get the access and entry into new market through PRITI Softwares.

Dream Software Dealership:

One dream dealership requires combination of ingredients. If all the ingredients are their, then we can say that dealership will have long run success. Following are the Basic ingredient of the "PRITI Softwares".


  1. Stable and Proven
  2. Accepted in the market
  3. Value for Money
  4. Made to match client Requirement
  5. Easy Sellable
  6. User Friendly
  7. Windows Based

After Sales Service

  1. Full fledge well trained support executive
  2. Ensure Long run Client Satisfaction
  3. Renewal Business
  4. Regular Software Updates

Better Margins

  1. Attractive Prices
  2. Attractive Commission