Excise Software

PS-Excise Software has proved in maintaining an accurate & Error Free Central Excise Registers. There are lots of features which are described in detail here and given into different sections. And our excise software is also available with tally data integration.

Application Features :

  • Very simple and easy to use windows based software.
  • User level permission for each and every option available in software. e.g. wether user can add the record, Can delete the record?, Can take the printout of any documents?, Can modify the record? etc.
  • Excise Invoice Printing
  • Help to get exporter reports such as ARE-1 with printing , ARE-3 with printing , Bond Register etc.
  • Calculation of Excise Duty on the basis of MRP/Abatement etc.
  • User Defined Subhead And Percentage of Excise Duty like 9%, 16% etc.
  • Auto BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • Automatic duty debit (Debit your duty just on Single Click....... No Processing nothing........)

Front Office Documents:

  • Cenvat Credit ( Cenvatable Inputs / Capital Goods/ Imported Goods)
  • Daily Input to Production Slip
  • Daily Output from Production Slip
  • Excise Invoice (with / without Progressive amount)
  • TR-6 Challan (with TR6 Challan Printing)
  • Service Tax Credit And Debit
  • Duty Payable Letter to Central Excise

Statutory Register:

  • Personal Ledger Account (PLA)
  • Personal Ledger Account (PLA) with Cess
  • RG 23 A - Part I (Item Wise / Date Wise) for Raw Material
  • RG 23 A - Part II (Item Wise / Date Wise) for Raw Material
  • RG 23 C - Part I for Capital Goods
  • RG 23 C - Part II for Capital Goods
  • Bond Register
  • RG - I (Item Wise / Group Wise / Chapter Wise / Batch Wise) Daily Stock Statement
  • Service Tax Register
  • D3 Register
  • Jobwork Register
  • ER - 1 (RT12)
    (Monthly / Quartly / Half Yearly ........ from any month to any month without doing any process)
  • Rule 7 Reports
    • Monthly Return and Abstract Report - Input
    • Monthly Return and Abstract Report - Capital Good
  • Etc...

ER I (RT 12) Reports:

  • Form ER- I (Monthly Return for Production and removal of Goods and other relevant particulars and CENVAT Credit)
  • Form ER- II (Monthly return in respect of Excisable goods manufactured and receipt of input & capital goods)
  • Form ER- III Submitted by the Assessee falling under provision to Rule 12 (Quarterly Returns)
  • Form ER-V and ER-VI
  • Letter to The Superintendent of Central Excise
  • Abstract of Input Goods & Capital Goods Under Rule 7
  • Proforma for Monthly Return under Rule 7 for Input Goods with & without Closing Balance (Cenvat)
  • Proforma for Monthly Returns Under Rule 7 for Capital Goods with & without Closing Balance
  • Revenue Report for Units more than One Crore per Annum with Previous Year's Date
  • Datasheet for CRDD Project
  • "Annexure A" for Monthly Revenue Figure
  • Annexure D
  • Monthly Stock Statement with Assessable Value, Excise Duty, Export Value, Export Duty, Closing Stock.

Reports for Labour Job Units:

  • Annexure IV Stock Register for Goods sent for Processing / Job Working
  • Annexure V Account of Receipt of Raw Material, Inputs, Partial Process Goods, Semi Finished Goods
  • Annexure II Challan for Job Work
  • Annexure VI / Subsidiary Challan for Job Work
Reports for Exporters:
  • B1 bond Register
  • ARE 1 Application Form for Removal of Excisable Goods for Export
  • ARE 1 Certificate by the Central Excise Officer
  • ARE 3 Application Form for Removal of Excisable Goods from a Factory or Bonded Warehouse to Another Warehouse
  • ARE 3 Certificate by The Certificate by The Central Excise Officer
  • CT 3 Register
  • Appendix 21 Register for Maintenance of Consumption & Stock of Imported Raw Material Components by the Actual Users
  • Annexure 18 Proforma of Running Bond Account
  • Annexure 19 Part I for Removal of Export in the Current Month
  • Annexure 19 Part II for Proof of Export Received for Earlier Quarters
  • Annexure 19 Part III for ARE 1 not been Received by Exporter
  • Annexure 19 Part IV for ARE 1 not been Received Under the Limit
  • Invoice of Goods liable to Central Excise Duty in India transmitted under the Central Excise Seal to Nepal & Bhutan
  • Annexure 19 Part V for Abstract of Bond

MIS Reports:

  • Duty Payable Report
  • Deemed Credit Availed Report
  • Daily Production Report
  • FG Stock Statement
  • Balance Available
  • Revenue Statement
  • Subheadwise Assessable Value
  • Material Consumption Statement
  • Etc...

Inventory Reports:

  • Stock Ledger Item-wise / Group-wise / Type-wise (Raw Material / Finished Goods etc.) / Chapter-wise
  • Stock List Item-wise / Group-wise / Type-wise (Raw Material / Finished Goods etc.) / Chapter-wise.
  • Stock Summary (Batch Wise/ Group Wise/ Sub Group Wise/ Item Wise)
  • Etc...

Our Excise Software is also available with some advance features....

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