Inventory Software


Inventory+ is inventory software that designed specially to meet the requirements of small and medium as well as big sized enterprises.

Managing inventory has never been as easy! Inventory+ lets you take full control of your
inventory and invoicing. Save time, manage customers and get one step ahead of your competition with this inventory control software.

Create invoices in a snap. Our Inventory Software gives you quick access to your inventory and customer details. No more hunting around for client or stock details!
Never run low or be out of stock again. Our intelligent reordering system gives you complete control. Order in new items weeks or months before they are needed. No more lost sales due to insufficient stock.

Seeing the big picture and following the long-term trends is important. Analyze your invoices and track your sales with our reporting system. Track long-term trends and remove poorly performing stock before they become a burden. The fully featured reporting system let's you track sales over time, allowing you to monitor the performance of your promotions and advertising quickly and easily.

Find the optimum layout for storing stock; our Inventory software will record the locations. Then use our Picking List feature to quickly locate items - save more time! Our Inventory Software now includes full warehouse support, allowing you to manage stock in different premises.

Use our unique Inventory Item Groups to merge commonly ordered items. Adding a predefined group will automatically add each stock item to an invoice and deduct the stock count. Full Item Pricing is supported. Allowing you to store several prices against a single product, useful for trade, retail, specials etc.

Share your database across your network. Inventory+ has full network support, allowing you to have access to your stock and inventory any place - anytime. Create invoices and manage stock from your front and back office.

Application Features:

  1. Inventory+ helps the user to maintain the stock as per multiple warehouses.
  2. BOM facility is there which help the user to maintain the stock of relevant items Automatically.
  3. Grouping and Sub grouping of products bifurcate the products and help to get reports and other, Information only of particular categories.
  4. Unit conversion facility help to maintain the information in to a converted value.
    e.g. 1 kgs=100 pcs
    in this user can have a view either in kgs or in pcs report of same products.
  5. Our inventory software helps to segregate the products i.e. ether it is a RAW Material or Finished Product or Packing Materials etc.
  6. Our Inventory software help to keep track of purchase order, quotation , work order, challan And sales invoices and many more.
  7. It helps the user to get all kinds of possible mis and inventory report on on click of single button.
  8. Etc...

All the above features are described in details as below:

Voucher Entry:

  1. Purchase order
  2. Goods Receipt Note
  3. Material Issue
  4. Material Return
  5. GRN Rejection Memo
  6. Shop Floor Rejection
  7. Stock Transfer
  8. Issued for job work
  9. Receipt from job work
  10. Delivery order
  11. Quotation
  12. Performa Invoice
  13. Work Order
  14. Etc...

Inventory Reports:

  1. PO (Purchase Order) Registers
    1. PO Register
    2. Pending PO Register
  2. GRN (General) Registers
    1. GRN Register
    2. PO wise GRN Register
    3. Pending GRN Register
  3. Issue Registers
  4. ShopFloor Rejection Registers
  5. GRN Rejection Registers
  6. Jobwork Issue Registers
  7. Jobwork Return Registers
  8. Inward Report
    1. Date Wise
    2. Party Wise
  9. Outward Report
    1. Date Wise
    2. Party Wise
  10. Jobwork Ledger
  11. Stock Statement
  12. Stock Ledger
  13. Stock Shortage List
  14. Average Consumption of Stock
  15. Stock Consumption Summary
  16. Slow Moving Items
  17. Non Moving Items
  18. Fast Moving Items
  19. Only Receipt Items
  20. ISO Report
  21. Etc...

Our Inventory Software is also available with some advance features...

click here for demo...