Invoice Software

Invoice+ Invoicing / billing software


Widely used Window Based Invoicing / Billing Software Trusted By all Companies

Main Features:

Multi-User and Easy to Use:

1. Keep track of all purchases.
2. Generate Delivery Challan and Invoices and Vouchers.
3. Keep track of all Payment Made and Received.
4. Help to get details of Ups and Downs of Business.

Software also capable to keep track of your daily wages employee details such as:

1. Employees Attendance
2. Employees Loans and Advance
3. Employees Monthly Salary
(Monthly Salary is getting calculated by the system on the basis of attendance)

On the base of Purchase and Sales of Company software will help to generate Tax Register:

1. Purchase Tax Register
2. Sales Tax Register
(You will avail both the above register in your excel sheet with all tax bifurcation)

Some MIS Reports like:

1.   Outstanding Purchase Reports (On Account / Bill Wise)
2.   Outstanding Sales Reports (On Account / Bill Wise)
3.   Payment Made Reports (Complete history of Supplier / Payment Made details)
4.   Payment Received Reports (Complete history of Customer / Payment Made details)
5.   You can generate payment reminder letter.
6.   Challan List
7.   Invoice List
8.   Party Wise Challan Reports
9.   Month Wise Purchase Register (With Graphical Representation)
10. Month Wise Sales Register (With Graphical Representation)
11. Month Wise Sold (qty) Register (With Graphical Representation)
12. Month Wise Purchase (qty) Register (With Graphical Representation)
13. Etc...

Some Utilities:

1. One Can take the Back-Up of Database as well as can Restore the Database easily.
2. Software is also capable to compact the size of our INVOICE + Database.

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